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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Still the Same Post?
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Thursday, October 23, 2008
I am always hungry...
"Happy Birthday to my brother, Eday~!"

Ola people~!

Today is just another boring day at work (as always), hence my updated FBs, blogs, and oh ya... I've finally made my choice to move to WordPress. You can visit me by clicking here. All my posts here have been imported to. Except for this one. As of today, it is not fully ready yet but readable! Enjoy~

Btw, last night on my way home from dad's, I saw three airplanes in the air, close enough to crash with each other. I was on the Babu Raja's road heading towards Gadong. From the angle I was watching, each plane was above the other, all of them going towards different directions! I never saw planes that close with each other in the air... I was like amazed! Even in the UK pun I never saw anything like that... And at 12am++ I never knew our airport is that busy. Hubby said maybe the planes weren't allowed to land yet and they have to go round... We're not sure why. It was raining all day yesterday. Forecasted the day before but hujannya yesterday hehe

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Sunday, October 19, 2008
Ramadhan 1429 Hijrah in One post
September 16th 2008: My First Niece, Sara Alia

My parents' first granddaughter.

Lil' Sara was born on Tuesday, Septermber 16th 2008, at 3am at JMPC.

My parents' grandsons, having fun at the lounge area.

Sara's brother Nabil and uncle(-in-law) *ehe*

After visiting Sara that afternoon, we sungkai at Fun Wok. The food ain't bad! :D

"I want donuts, babu!"

I didn't sungkai out much this Ramadhan, di rumah saja we sungkai with the family. So below are from our sungkai at I-Lotus with my hubby's friends.

Hubby and part of the gang


Yummy ice kacang without all the kacang and other ingredients except for flavouring, the manisan. Lovely! hehe

Teh tarik, napkin and a plate of chicken something... nice!

"Ahhh... I'm full! I ate almost everything... in small portions lah"

The buffet table for main dishes (this was after most people including the food are gone)

Even the parking lot pun deserted sudah... Ohh rupanya 9pm sudah hahaha

On a different event lagi, close to Raya...

Jalan-jalan cari barang... whatever barang :D ... then bumped into this miniature Kampong Ayer at Yayasan Complex. Nice~

"Bah silakan tah masuk ke dalam"

"Bah masuk tah. Jangan tah malu-malu..."

Sara's first visit to LM (I think...)

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Aidilfitri 1429 Hijrah

Below are pictures taken only with my N73. So expect a not so good quality :D More will be uploaded once I can get my hands on the other pictures...

Well actually I want to show the Syawal moon (tu somewhere in the sky) but since I don't have a DSLR (sabarrr) this is the outcome. This was during Raya eve (1st October), I was on my way back to Mata-mata ambil my fam. To be exact this was at Jln Gadong Power Station traffic light. I was staying at LM days before Raya.

Our first day Raya was at home saja... baru ni stay di rumah on first day of Raya.

My boy sitting on an inflatable chair which my sis baru inflate!

I love the tapak kuda with nuts... so nyaman!

As usual we all jalan on the second day of Raya because our cousin in Sungai Besar is always having an open house on every second day of Raya! I like this pic of me and hubby.

Two of my favorite people in the whole wide world!

On our way home, we sempat singgah at NBT Gadong. Baru lawa begambar di sana with full Raya getup!

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Raid on EPN *lol*

Been meaning to post this but I just haven't got the time until now...

So unfortunate for "us" :P ...That's all I can say hehe


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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
Maybe it's a little late...
...but it's better late than never...

Happy Eid 'Ul Fitr to all Muslims all around the world.

* Fitr Al Mubarak *

Salam Aidilfitri from Hany & family
P.S.: yes that is my last year baju raya. All my made to order baju was hideous~!! Sasak my heart!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Sungkai oh Sungkai!
Having difficulties in finding a place to break fast? Here's a lil' something that might help...

I-Lotus Restaurant
Tungku Link.
Sungkai: $16.80 (adult) Sahur Steamboat: $11.80 (adult). Reservations: 2422466 / 2440171

Atrium Cafe
The Empire Hotel & Country Club.
Sungkai Buffet:
$28 Nett (adult), 50% off (children). Reservations: 2418888

Li Gong
The Empire Hotel & Country Club
Sahur Dim Sum Buffet:
$18 Nett (adult), 50% off (children). Reservations: 2418888

Manjaro Restaurant
Shakirin Complex
Sungkai Eat All You Can:
$12.90 per person (Eat all You Can). Reservations: 223 6493

Villa Mauri
Simpang 369, Jalan Muara,
Kampong Sungai Tilong.
Sungkai Eat All You Can:
$20 (adult), $12.90 (child). Reservations: 2335585

Mills Banquet Hall
Holiday Lodge Hotel,
Sungkai Buffet:
$18 (adult), $9 (child). Reservations: 2611618 / 8631259 / 8782691

Misato Japanese Restaurant
Kampong Kiulap,
Sungkai Buffet:
$12.90 (adult), $8.90 (child). Reservations: 2450182

Nice Delight Cafeteria
Simpang 588, Jalan Tutong.
Sungkai Buffet:
$6.90 (adult), $3.90 (child). Reservations: 265322 / 2650525

Goldiana Cafe & Lounge
Orchid Garden Hotel,
Sungkai Buffet:
$20.80 Nett(adult), $13.80 Nett (child). Reservations: 2335544

Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar
Kampong Beribi.
Sungkai Buffet:
$11.90 (adult), $6.90 (child). Reservations: 2653886

Polo Restaurant
Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club,
Jerudong Park. Sungkai Buffet:
$20 (adult), $10 (child). Reservations: 2612500

Pondok Sari Wangi
Komplex Abdul Razak, Gadong, and
XYA Building, Sengkurong branches. Sungkai Buffet:
$11 (adult), $5 (child). Reservations: 2445043 (Gadong), 2661893 (Sengkurong)

Raudhati Restaurant
Ground Floor A5, Seri Purnama Complex,
Kampong Kiulap. Sungkai Buffet:
$5.99 (adult), $3.99 (child). Reservations: 2231907

RBC Express Fast Food
Airport, Kiulap, Sungai Tilong,
and Tutong Branches. Sungkai Set Meals:
$5.80 Nett, including Dates, and Air Selasih and Pudding. Delivery: 2337777 (Sg Tilong) 2237253 (Kiulap)

Rizqun Coffee House
Rizqun International Hotel,
Sungkai: $21 (adult) $11 (child). Reservations: 2423000 Ext 7811

RMS Diner
Yong Siong Hai Building,
Gadong Ramadhan Special:
50% off Burgers and Steak Reservations: 2423555 / 2452555

Seri Qlap Complex,
Sungkai Promo:
$22 (adult), $10 (child) Reservations: 2235888

Seafood Paradise

Seri Purnama Complex,
Kampong Kiulap.
Seafood Buffet: $12.80 Reservations: 2231788 / 8788934 / 8830189

Seasons Restaurant
The Centrepoint,
Sungkai: $21 (adult), Sahur Dim Sum: $18.50 (adult) Reservations: 2422291/2/3

Seri Anjung Restaurant & Catering
Plaza Abdul Razak, Jln Laksamana, Batu 1,
Jalan Tutong. Sahur/Sungkai Buffet:
Sungkai: $9.80 (adult), $4.50 (child) Reservations: 2222776 / 8989766

Seri Kiantan Restaurant
No. 5 & 6, Bangunan Menglait I,
Jalan Gadong. Sungkai Buffet:
$6.80 (adult) Reservations: 2444848 / 8664040

Serikandi Cafe & Restaurant
Lot 4004, Jalan Setia DiRaja,
Kuala Belait KA1189. Sungkai Buffet:
$9 (adult), $4 (child), [For 5 persons, 6th person is free]. Reservations: 3332862 / 8118860

Takara Restaurant
Sungkai Buffet:
$12.80 (adult), $8.80 (child), FREE (under 6 years). Reservations: 2450180

The Airport Restaurant
Sungkai Buffet:
$25 Nett (adult), $17.50 Nett (child). Reservations: 2339207 / 2331853

KTM Thai Seafood Restaurant
Unit 1 & 2, Simpang 632,
Jalan Jerudong. Sungkai Promo:
$8 (adult), $5 (child) Reservations: 2619140, 8875530

La Mee Restaurant
Block B Delima Square, and
Block C Complex Abd Razak branches. Sungkai Buffet:
$6 (adult), $3.50 (child). Reservations: 2430113 (Gadong), 2340112 (Delima)

Mawar Coffee Garden
Brunei Hotel,
Sungkai Buffet:
$9.90 (adult), $5.50 (child). Reservations: 2242372/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 Ext 25/26

Millennium Restaurant
Scouts Centre,
Jalan Beribi, Gadong. Sungkai Promo:
$18 (adult), $11 (child). Reservations: 2424168

Fratini’s Restaurant
Yayasan, Sg Tilong, Kuala Belait,
and Centrepoint branches. Sungkai Promo:
50% promotion for Ramadhan Specials. Reservations: 2451200 / 2451300

Fun Wok Hong Kong Restaurant
Kiulap Plaza Hotel,
Ramadhan Specials:
Sungkai: $16 (adult), $10 (child), Sahur: $11 (adult) Reservations: 2232397

Rut Cha, Thai Food at Mall $11.9 (adult) Tel: 8903437

Aiana Restaurant
Jalan Melabau, Kampong Serusop
(formerly at Simpang 94, Kampong Delima Sungkai Buffet:
$6 Nett (adult), $4 Nett (child) Reservations: 8884122 / 8724540

All-Star Sports Cafe
Holiday Lodge Hotel,
Sungkai Buffet:
$10.90 (adult) Reservations: 2611618 / 8631259 / 8782691

Amanah Harith Restaurant
No. 683, Simpang 681,
Jalan Jerudong Sungkai Buffet:
25 Food Items - $6.90 (adult), $4 (child) Reservations: 8750292 / 2612140

Vanda Chinese Restaurant
Orchid Garden Hotel,
Sahur Buffet:
Dim Sum $15.80 Nett(adult), $7.80 Nett (child). Reservations: 2335544

Dynasty Restaurant
The Centrepoint,
Sahur: $18.50 (adult), Sungkai Set Menu: $188 (table) Reservations: 2430185/6

Emperor’s Court
Hua Ho Manggis Mall,
Sungkai Buffet:
$25 (adult), $17.50 (child). Reservations: 2332880/1

Andaman Restaurant
Unit 1A, Bangunan Hj Nasar 3, Spg 593-5,
Beribi, Gadong BE1118. Sungkai Buffet:
$11 (adult), $6 (child) Reservations: 2653355

Cheezbox Cafe Restaurant
Ramadhan Specials:
Sungkai: $18.80 (adult), $10.80 (child), Sahur: $11.80 (adult), $7.80 (child) Reservations: 2425506

Coffee Zone
Kiulap & Gadong Branches. Ramadhan Specials:
Sungkai (Gdg): $9.90 (adult) $5 (child), Sahur (Gdg & Klp): 20% off Ala Carte Reservations: 2239333 (Kiulap), 2423333 (Gadong)

Ayamku Restaurant
All Branches.
Combo Meals:
$3.90, $6.90, $8.90 & $8.90 Reservations: -

Cafe Au Lait
L1/3, Ground Floor, Seri Q-Lap Mall,
Kampong Kiulap. Sungkai Buffet:
$12 (adult), $8 (child) Reservations: 2231901

Charcoal BBQ & Grill
Sungkai Buffet:
Skewer Buffet $29.90 Nett (adult), $1 per child year (child) Reservations: 2221171

Aneka Rasa Restaurant & Catering
Kg Kiulap. Sungkai Buffet ‘Selera Kampung’:
$10.90 (adult), $5 (child) Reservations: 2234999 / 2235999

Arthini Cafe & Catering (Nasi Kandar)
Spg 11, Jalan Haji Halus, Kg Bunut.
Sungkai Buffet:
$12 (adult), $6 (child) Reservations: 2652699

Asma Hotel Restaurant
Jerudong. Sungkai Buffet:
$13 (adult), $8 (child) Reservations: 2612218

Jalan Pasar Baharu,
Gadong. Sungkai Buffet:
$19.90 (adult) Reservations: 2450182

TT Blues Cafe
No. 12, Yong Siong Hai Building,
Jalan Gadong Sungkai Buffet:
$8.88 (adult), $6.88 (child). Reservations: 2424527

~Selamat bersungkai~


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Friday, September 05, 2008
Coming down with a flu!
Yesterday I missed work due to my painful headache (certainly not migraine) and my runny nose. I think my really bad headache was caused by my runny nose. So I took MC yesterday.

Today as I opened up my Outlook, I have 56 new emails in my Inbox (baru jua sehari inda buka) and much more in my Junk E-Mail. Most of them from Facebook, meaning tons of notifications in my FB! I'm in FB just for the games. Nada kraja main game saja hehe

On Wednesday our office was in a run of a bad luck. Authorities came in in the morning and ransacked our office, took all our 100+ PCs (desktop PCs only, laptops are safe! *phew*) because someone complained to the authorities that we are using unlicensed software. Feel free to guess who, cause I ain't mentioning it here :p And all of us were required to make statements! Now I really don't know what's going to happen... wait and see saja.

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